7 Things to look out for when choosing a Fulfillment Service or Provider in Singapore

So you’ve grown to a point where you’re no longer able to operate out of your storeroom. You’re looking to take the next step into growing your business and you’re looking for a partner. As you look through the different options in the market, what do you need to be mindful of? 

  1. Pricing. Of course pricing. You’re in the business of business – and it is essential that you keep your operating costs low. Remember that going for the cheapest option outfront can become expensive.

    What you’re really wanting to know from pricing is to understand the different pricing models for a fulfillment center. How much does storage cost? How much is the first pick for your item? What about subsequent picks of the same order? What type of delivery fees do they charge? What other hidden fees are there?

    You want to find a provider that is transparent with their pricing model and more importantly has a strong track record of quality provided to their clients.


  2. Location. While this doesn’t matter too much in Singapore, it is important to understand what type of facility the fulfillment center has. Is it able to inbound a 40ft container? Are there any bottlenecks should you have a large shipment? Is the building your goods stored in safe?

    If you’re looking to choose a fulfillment center in the APAC region, we would advise you on exploring the political and economical landscape of the country you are considering, and the cost of doing business in such a place should there be turmoil.


  3. Service Offering. Does your product need special attention? Do you do custom packaging? Are you wanting to provide free gifts with every purchase? Will you have a special set of instructions for different customers?

    These are all essential questions to consider and to find out if the service provider is able to cater to your boutique requirements.


  4. Customer Support. How does the provider manage hiccups in the process? What is the medium of communication, and how frequent are updates provided?

    While everyone hopes systems to run smoothly, Murphy’s Law indicates that there are bound to be errors and challenges in the process. Is your fulfillment provider experienced enough to have managed such situations before? What were their results?


  5. Technology. A key part of any business today, technology allows easy tracking, access and reporting on the essentials. Spend some time understanding the technology stack implemented in the fulfillment center you’re visiting to see if it suits your needs too.


  6. Scalability. While you may be starting out with your business, it doesn’t mean that your business won’t take off until the next few years.

    An important part of choosing a provider is knowing that they will be able to scale with you. You will want to choose a provider that is able to understand and provide solutions to your needs and challenges to ensure your peace of mind while focusing on the growth of your company.


  7. Experience. At the end of the day choosing a fulfillment provider is a big business decision. While others may think that you are entrusting an important part of your business to someone else, we feel that choosing a provider is inviting a new partner to join in your growth journey.

    You’ll want to look for companies that have an established presence in the industry with name clients and testimonials. Something that tells you the fulfillment provider has a real track record and knows the processes and challenges of the industry they’re in.

As you look to bring onboard your new team to help grow your company, remember to not only think about your needs today but your needs of tomorrow. 

Delivering Great Customer Experience

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